The choice of the real estate agent

Sell your home

In most cases, a self-respecting real estate agent is a member of a trade association, e.g. to the Swiss Chamber of Mediators CSM of the SVIT. He talks to some of them in person and makes sure there is sympathy and good chemistry. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose a real estate agent who has been active in the sector for several years: in this way you will be able to benefit from his experience, especially if he has already sold similar houses or apartments in the past. Before making a decision, meet the agent in person and, based on the appointment, evaluate the agency’s offer and the property’s estimate (location, price, etc.).

Offers from real estate agents

When you receive an offer from a real estate agent, it is a good idea to meticulously check all the services included in the fee and ascertain whether there are any additional costs (e.g. any expenses). Was an achievement award entered? Less favorable conditions arise, for example, when a long-term bond is envisaged or in the presence of indemnities to be paid even in the event of a failed sale. Typically, the realtor’s fee does not have to be paid until the public deed is completed

Sales forecast

Always take overly enthusiastic statements with a grain of salt: a good real estate agent never makes empty promises and doesn’t go too far in his sales forecasts. In addition, he also points out any imperfections in the property and draws your attention when the sale price is too high, even if this means a lower fee for him.

The property transfer tax is also calculated differently from canton to canton. However, it has been abolished in most cantons, including Zurich. In the event of an imposition, the contractual parties bear half of the amount each.

This tax does not apply to sales or transfers between parents and children or affiliates, between stepfathers/stepmothers and stepchildren, between in-laws and sons-in-law/daughters-in-law, between grandparents and grandchildren as well as between spouses.

The real estate gains tax is calculated on the basis of the duration of the property, varies from municipality to municipality, is subject to the cantonal tax of the same name and is paid exclusively by the seller.